Monday, 9 June 2008

This weekend was a mayhem and I'm puffed.


The weekend wasn't exactly a nightmare, but i it was literally busy. BUSY I TELL YA.


  • Meet up with Nikki.
  • Shopping. (e.g. looking at things we're going to buy when we reach 30, have millionaires as husbands and a little chihuahua called Chuck).
  • Ate at Paris Deli (Caesar salad, pumpkin soup, mango smoothie and a whopping Tarlet with strawberries and kiwi) and WOW, they can make food babies fast.
  • Went to buy CD's with dad. Who knew that man still had a little crush on Jennifer Lopez. Note to self: Don't tell mum.
  • Go home. On the ride we were listening to Hilary Duff and Pussycat Dolls. Can you believe it? I am so lame. Lame-O.
  • We came home late. I don't recall what we did as soon as we came home...
  • However, i do remember getting dressed into pj's then playing cards.
  • Then getting hyper.
  • Then drinking a little too much Sting.
  • Then being Madam Pepperoni with a blue and purple turban laughing like a hyena on crack.
  • Then going to sleep at... at... we went to sleep ok?
  • Yup, that's my friday.
  • (We = Me and Nikki)


  • Waking up at 9-ish... -ish Or was it 7?
  • Got dressed for saturday football. (Unfortunately, we didn't have a game that day =[ ... )
  • Went to the Sat. Footie party.
  • Receive medal and get photo. Group photo. How can someone look like a chimpanzee and a baboon at the same time in one photo?? A chimpaboon?? Or babanzee?? I prefer the chimpaboon.
  • Straight after that, went to Cafe Evita's. Vasco's birthday.
  • I adore Vanilla ice cream. Mmm... Cafe Evita has the best Margarita Pizza in the radius of... The whole friggin' city. I swear, if or when i get a job there, i'll get obese in a matter of. weeks.
  • No offence, but it was BO-RING. All we did was watch this lame video (that Prince Caspian something Narnia something wasn't lame. Just the reception).
  • I couldn't leave straightaway; Vasco would've murdered me, stuffed my lifeless body with tomatoes and lettuces then feed me to that vicious carnivore-eating dog. Pinky. Pinky is Vasco's canine. I swear that dog gave me "the look". "The look" was saying-leave-this-building-or-suffer-my-wrath or you-have-no-idea-what-i'd-do-to-you-when-my-boss-lets-me look. I'm not going back there.
  • We ate pizza and played some cards. Mango smoothie was delish. Except the fact that it costs a fortune. Thank God it was free.
  • After we've eaten, drank and slept, Vasco told us to go to Diamond. I actually skipped it. Don't ask me why, but i did.
  • Ok. I left because i like this dude. Then this girl asked Vasco if that girl, this girl and my super-cool fiance would go together in his car. Damn was i pissed.
  • I guess i made a dramatic exit because that Austrian birthday boy practically begged me stay. Yup, he begged. Seriously! He went down unto his knees and started pleading.
  • Maybe he didn't go on his knees, but he did the other things!
  • My day went from bad to worse as i stepped out of that door. It was raining and i was wearing a light pink shirt with a black sports bra. Great, just great.
  • I was meant to go to Jenn's, Mimi's and Natsuki's farewell party right away, but i didn't feel like it. And i didn't have a car.
  • I took a wee nap then i left when my brother picked me up.
  • Ruben, Ezra, Paolo and Bernard were there watching Transformers in the car.
  • What is up with these bullet points?
  • I arrived, went swimming with my clothes since i totally forgot my swimmers, played tennis-volleyball. Tenneyball. or Vollis.
  • We ate, watched farewell presentations. They cried. I didn't cry, I was actually laughing the whole time.
  • We got a jammies on. They were all watching One Missed Call. (I slept through it, I was exhausted! OK?!) they kept waking me up lol. I went upstairs to go online.
  • We missed Switzerland vs Czech Republic in the Euros. Sadly, the swiss lost. The next game was Portugal (WOOHOO!! YEA!!! uh huh uh huh) vs Turkey (...zzzZZzzz...) I only watch the first half, I slept through it.
  • We prank called people before the match. No-one, i think, wasn't in the mood of doing anything.
  • My brother went to the girl's room and started mooning... and releasing methane gases. I guess some people produce more deadly-greenhouse-gases than others. I think it runs genetically. My dad and mum does the same thing all the time. Wait. That means... I DO NOT FART. loudly...

I'm going to go to bed now. Anything major today? Well I've got this huge rash on my right hand. It's spreading. I'm not allergic to anything... or am i? Ever since we started packing and moving our things to the new house, I've gotten the rash. I've also got a bruised right wrist. Oh and the major suck-up for tomorrow is that we've got Gmynastics for 8th and 7th period. Yuck. Gross. I detest anything that involves you having to go upside down and lifting youself. I swear, when i grow up, I'm going to have a riot against people doing things on a long piece of thing. Sorry, i had a momentary lapse of anger.


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